Multiplexes Reopening: Ticket Prices Will Not go up, Say Hall Owners

Multiplexes Reopening News: Before the Ministry of Home Affairs issued an SOP for the functioning of the multiplexes — as and when it does — the multiplex authorities have started gearing up to welcome movie-watchers in the post-COVID era. While the Centre may only allow people between the age group of 15 and 50 to visit cinema halls, the authorities are taking a slew of measures to ensure social distancing and optimum personal hygiene. Also Read – Work From Home For IT Companies Till December 31: What Does This Mean?

1. No physical checking before entering the hall.
2. No physical ticket system.
3. All seats won’t be booked. In fact, several seats will remain empty. Only those who are coming in a group will be able to seat together.
4. There will be social distancing circles at the entry point.
5. Thermal screening, hand sanitiser.
6. Mobile app to order food during the interval, which will also lengthen the interval period.
7. PVR will use ultraviolet cabinets to disinfect food packaging.
8. INOX has announced it would install more roof-mounted ACs to push more fresh air.
9. INOX has also revamped its menu to include immunity-booster food.
10. INOX will time their shows in such a manner that there will be no rush between two shows. Also Read – Guwahati Lockdown Extension: Result Not Desirable, Says Minister, Guwahati to Reopen From Next Week

However, despite the slump in the business, there will be no ticket price hike as the focus now is to bring people to the cinema halls. Also Read – Unlock 3: After International Flights, Cinema Halls to be Opened Next? Guidelines Being Readied

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