Sonu Sood Launches A Scholarship Programme For Underprivileged Students

Shubanka Sridhar , 12 Sep 2020

Sonu Sood (Source: Instagram | @sonu_sood)

Sonu Sood (Source: Instagram | @sonu_sood)

Sonu Sood has been a true hero for so many during these tough times. He has helped lakhs of migrants and daily wage labourers reach their homes amidst the pandemic-induced lockdown. Along with this, he has also introduced an app where he provides jobs for the migrant workers who have lost their means of living, has brought books and equipment for people who cannot afford it, and much more.

Now, the ‘messiah’ of the people has come up with yet another initiative to help out students. He is all set to start a scholarship programme for the underprivileged students under his mother’s name, Saroj Sood.

In a report by Times Of India, Sonu is quoted as saying that in the past few months in lockdown, he saw how the underprivileged were struggling to support their children’s education. Given classes are online right now, many don’t have the access to computers, phones or even WiFi. And due to the loss of jobs, many parents are not able to pay the fees. Sonu points this out and says that he has decided to partner with universities across the country for providing scholarships to those who require it.

He also adds that his mother was a professor who used to teach in Moga, Punjab, free of charge. She always asked him to take her actions forward and he says this is the best time to fulfil her wish, too.

Talking about the program, Sonu says that anyone whose family’s annual income is less than 2 lakhs can apply for the scholarship. The only condition being their academic records need to be good. Everything from the fees, accommodation, food will be taken care of under this programme.

The scholarship will reportedly be available to students in Medicine, Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Automation, Cybersecurity, Data Science, Fashion, Journalism and Business Studies, among other courses.

This sure is a great deed, isn’t it? More power to you, Sonu.

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